Restoring My Will to Live

Third Facilitated Psilocybin Trip

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash
My view from the chaise longue (a long reclining chair) on Trip #3
Supine Cobbler Pose

Having experienced depression since the age of 10, I often wished I’d die sooner rather than later.

Before Ed married, he still lived at home with our nuclear family. He also frequented the lake where our parents were building a cottage. I saw Ed in my mind’s eye. He was kneeling on the roof, shirtless and muscular, nailing down tiles, his hair and body bronzed from the summer sun. He was at his physical best. And, “Oh, Brother!” I said out loud. “Stay there! Don’t go away!” I put my finger up. “Be right back.”

Actual autograph Ed wrote circa 1961. Had to go into the crawl space to my memory box to find it.

born tricked out with anxiety, a reluctant traveler (, writer of travel memoir, facilitates writing workshops, loves hearing stories

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