Bring Back Daydreaming!

Thanks to a recent study published in Scientific American, we can stop being “mindful” every second of every waking hour. The number of times we’ve been prompted to be mindful must equal the times we’ve been reminded to wash our hands during COVID. …

True-life fiction

Maggie knocks gently outside her daughter’s bedroom door. “Can I come in?”

The sixteen-year-old shouts, “No!”

“Come on! Pretty please with sprinkles on top?”


Maggie rests her hand on the doorknob. Should I turn it and enter, breaking our house privacy rule? Is this a matter of…

Q. Do doctors adhere to “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) orders?

A. Not if you override it while you’re in cardiac arrest.

I stood at my mother’s bedside trying to soothe her, telling her everything would be all right. From her hospital room, I could see the sun setting over Tampa Bay. How many times had my mother watched that spectacular event since she and my dad moved to Florida in 1974?

Flash Fiction

The bridge to where the wedding vows would take place was suspended above water located in a tropical enclave of Hawaii. At one end of the bridge, the bride could see her future husband at the other end waiting for her to come to him.

Once she reached…

What not buying water at the airport might mean for you

Recently I flew from Los Angeles (LAX) to Detroit (DTW); a five-hour flight. Fortunately, and you’ll see why in a minute, I arrived well before boarding time.

As a frequent traveler, I’ve started carrying an empty water bottle through…

I am so impressed that you had the courage to speak your truth without assistance from mind-altering medicines like I had to do. For me, it took a trip on psilocybin (on a guided mushroom trip) to come to the same conclusion that, "Men Ruin Everything." …

Flash Fiction

Leticia is dressed in black with white pearls and low-heeled pumps. She’s at a funeral lunch after all. She’s relieved the long service is over, the dead woman, a distant relative of a friend, has been eulogized, blessed and buried. She can’t wait to quench her thirst with…

A short story

“I know I’m not the first woman to give birth to a kid who may as well have had skis strapped to his feet.”

Standing on the frozen shore surveying the ice shanties on the sun-glared lake before me, I think back to how my friend Eleanor shot out her three babies like a Pez dispenser while I labored through delivering one who might as well have had skis strapped to his feet.


Flash Fiction by Nancy Yuktonis Solak

Stirred toward wakefulness, Sarah’s dreams fracture into feathers, fluttering out of her head as swiftly as geese fly at the sound of a hunter’s shot. She strains to recapture them, sensing the loss of something important. As they scatter into space, one feather slowly drifts back to her. Relief. …

A short story

I cry on sunny days. It wasn’t always that way. I used to love them, especially at the creek, where windswept grasses along the bank shone in the sun, the sky deep blue and cloudless.

For years, Mama and Daddy, my little sister Charmaine, and I visited…

Nancy Solak

born tricked out with anxiety, a reluctant traveler (, writer of travel memoir, facilitates writing workshops, loves hearing stories

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